Episode 3: What are the best decks?

In this episode of Stacking Hundreds, Riley, Toffel, and Jamin break down the leading strategies in today’s Competitive Commander format. Learn about the best archetypes, discover the ways in which they can vary and differ internally, and explore some of the up-and-coming decks that threaten to make a further impact on the format.

A selection of the decks discussed:


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2 thoughts on “Episode 3: What are the best decks?

  1. Ya’ll rock. Keep em coming! Unfortunately, I do not play on mtgo, but have been playing my girl Kess on xmage with great success! What is her presence like on mtgo? How would you build her?


  2. I really like Kess and we will look at her in the Control Episode. She is played a bit on MTGO, having some 5-0 lists and good challenge results


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