The Hosts

Riley Knight

rileyRiley is a member of Team Coverage, travelling around the world to host Twitch streams of various premier-level events. He loves to play “fun” and “sweet” decks, principally to hide how terrible he is at Magic.

Thoralf “Toffel” Severin

toffel profile

Toffel is a powerful wizard who has played Magic since Nemesis, appearing regularly at Pro Tours around the world since then. His Magic skills dwarf those of his co-hosts, and he never comes up short with new ways to attack different formats.

Jamin Kauf

jamin profile

The man who refers to himself as “Mr. Competitive Commander” has been playing the format since its inception on Magic Online. As a spiky and very competitive player, Jamin loves to win – which is a shame, because he doesn’t do it all that much.